Program Ideas

Meet the Masters at Le Concert Spirituel: The 'Paris' Quartets of G.Ph. Telemann

The starting point of our quartet and an all-time favorite for our audience. Telemann's solid knowledge of instrumentation and masterful sense of different national styles resulted in these two outstanding collections of quartet music specifically for our setting. Although he was not the only one to have composed for this genre, these pieces enjoyed far greater success than those by his contemporaries. Featuring music from both books, 1736 and 1738.

A Mixed Bag from Paris
Certainly Telemann was not the only composer who wrote great music for our instrumentation. In this program, a 'Paris' Quartet is coupled with selections by other French composers such as Couperin, Rebel, and Morel. Highlights include Couperin's La Françoise from Les Nations, and Jean Féry Rebel's unearthily beautiful Triosonata in D major.

L'Entretien des Muses
This is a program featuring the most beloved instruments of the French baroque, namely the harpsichord, the viola da gamba, and the traverso. The wealth of quality music written for these instruments is an attest to their capabilities in expressing the quintessence of the French baroque language. Join Le Mercure and the Muses in a musical dialogue filled with elegance, charm, and finesse, yet not without a breath of facetiousness! Featuring works of Boismortier, Couperin, Marais, and Rameau, amongst others.

Musique Mosaïque
Our love for the works of Telemann continues in this program, where music other than his 'Paris' quartets are featured. Musique Mosaïque shows the multifaceted Telemann through his diverse instrumental works. Beware, you may not recognize the Telemann as you know him!