Past Performances

Friday February 24, 8pm - Stadtmuseum Hofheim, Germany
musical celebration with the Kunstverein Hofheim e.V.

A program of lively French dances contrasting the complex German musical language
What's French? What's German?

Le Mercure was happy to get to know a new pool of audience, the Kunstverein Hofheim.  Rumor has it that we will be back in Hofheim soon, we'll keep you posted!


Thursday April 7th, 18:00 at the Evangelische Kirche in Hofheim-Langenhain, DE.
Visit Evangelische Kirche

Saturday April 9th, 14:00 at the Noorderkerk in Amsterdam, NL.  

Sunday April 10th, 15:30 at the Oud Woelwijck in Voorschoten, NL.  

Featuring our French trio program L'Entretien des Muses.  
Teddie Hwang, traverso; Gerald Stempfel, viola da gamba; Miguel Angel Cicero, harpsichord.

 It felt wonderful to be back in Europe again and we were especially looking forward to Holland, as that is the birthplace of our ensemble.  Amsterdam was exciting for us as it was our debut in this city of culture, and we were happy to revisit our audience in Voorschoten.  Although the arts scene has been quite shaken due to a change in governmental policies, we hope that all our friends and colleagues remain strong and continue to bring their beautiful messages to the Dutch audience.  

14th International Early Music Festival of Mexico City
Mexico City - May 10-15, 2009

In this tour, Le Mercure performed three concerts at very different locations, each venue with a flair of its own. Our Mother's Day concert was given at a rest home for elderly women. With the golden sunlight shining through the chapel windows as our inspiration, we felt the power of music at the most fundamental level and were really thankful for the opportunity to perform on this lovely occasion. The ladies received us with great enthusiasm, some clapping to the music as we played. It was wonderful for both sides to experience music in a truly humane, heartfelt way.

Our second concert took place at the National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography (ENCRyM). Many young students and professionals attended the event, which showed us that early music can cross boundaries. We were once again impressed with the overall enthusiasm for classical music amongst Mexico's young generation.

Our last concert was given at the Sala Blas Galindo as part of the 14th International Early Music Festival of Mexico City, sponsored by the National Center for the Arts (CENART). Although fear of the H1N1 influenza can still be felt at times, Le Mercure nevertheless performed to a welcoming crowd of listeners and it was a great way to end our tour of Mexico. The evening concluded with a filmed interview of the ensemble and was broadcasted on CENART's web channel.

As part of the festival, we also gave chamber music and instrumental masterclasses to conservatory students interested in historical performance. The masterclasses took place at the Escuela Superior de Música and was attended by both modern and historical players. The exchange of ideas was rewarding indeed and we hope it provided a few sparks of inspiration for everyone.

Thank you all, once again, for your support of Le Mercure. We look forward to our next journeys!

Mexico City - November 19-26, 2008

Le Mercure at the Carlos Chávez Hall, Mexico City.

Watch us live from one of the Biblioteca concerts by clicking

In this tour, Le Mercure presented two concerts at the beautiful Biblioteca Miguel Lerdo de Tejada and one at the Carlos Chávez Hall in the prestigious university complex UNAM. With two new programs to prepare, it was a a challenging yet rewarding experience for us all. Our Telemann program made us realize once again what a fascinating composer he truly was. Small unknown gems from his Essercizii Musici and Der Getreue Musikmeister gave a wonderful kaleidoscopic portrayal of his musical language. In our French program, we discovered a beautiful trio by Erlebach which provided endless inspiration. Although not French by origin, the piece shows some early French influences which complemented our program nicely.

Once again the Mexican audience was enthusiastic, and the reception ranged from warm to overwhelming. Both Teddie and Gerald had chances to meet and coach the upcoming generation of Mexican early music musicians. The experiences were fruitful and memorable.

In addition, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to gambist Gabriela Villa-Walls for lending us her beautiful bass gamba for our projects. ¡Muchas gracias, Gabriela!

Mexico City, 18.06.08

With a duo program of traverso and harpsichord, Le Mercure presented its Mexico debut at the library of Miguel Lerdo de Tejada. The library is known for its patronage for the arts and especially in the field of early music, presenting free concerts to the public and maintaining a strong following in concert goers. Our audience seemed to have come from all walks of life, even some who had never attended concerts at the Biblioteca before. We genuinely felt a warm reception from our audience and are definitely looking forward to our return to the Biblioteca in November.


Recording for BR

Recording for the Bavarian Radio in the Meistersingerhalle in Nürnberg, Germany
February 3 & 4, 2008
Le Mercure enjoyed its 3rd production with the Bavarian Radio!

Maihingen Cloister, Germany
February 1, 2008
Außergewöhnliches Konzert
Am Freitag, 1. Februar, um 20 Uhr, findet im kleinen Vortragssaal des Klosters Maihingen ein Konzert mit Musik des 18. Jahrhunderts statt. Auf dem Programm stehen zwei Pariser Quartette von G. Ph. Telemann sowie einige französische Werke wie La Françoise von F. Couperin Le Grand. Die Quartette sind der Höhepunkt des musikalischen Oeuvres von Telemann und ein wichtiger Meilenstein für die kammermusikalische Entwicklung.... (extract from press release)

Telemann in Paris
Only once in his lifetime did Telemann travel abroad. In Paris he fell in love with the French and left us with these beautiful Paris Quartets.

Voorschoten, Netherlands
January 26 & 27, 2008

The Stichting Musica Antica da Camera Voorschoten is an individual, non-profit organization which has supported young musicians in Holland for more than ten years.

Stichting Musica Antica da Camera

photo and program description courtesy of Stichting Musica Antica da Camera

Rybnik and Racib
órz, Poland
International Organ and Chamber Music Festival
October 25 & 26, 2007