The Work
Le Mercure is a quartet formed in the Netherlands, comprising of traverso, violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord. Our instrumentation was inspired by the 'Paris' Quartets of Georg Philipp Telemann. With a wide palette of instrumental colors, we are able to concentrate on music written in a true quartet style as well as other forms of chamber music.

Le Mercure has performed in various European countries and has toured twice in Mexico City, most notably at the 14th Encuentro Internacional de Música Antigua 2009, hosted by the National Center of the Arts of Mexico. Concert venues have also included the
Miguel Lerdo de Tejada Library and the Carlos Chávez Hall of the UNAM Center in Mexico City, the 2012 and 2008 Stichting Musica Antica da Camera Voorschoten Series, the 2007 International Organ and Chamber Music Festival of Southern Poland, and the 2005 Utrecht Early Music Festival Fringe Series. In addition, the ensemble has recorded twice for the Bavarian Radio of Germany and has been featured repeatedly as part of their early music broadcasts.

The Mission
Le Mercure is concerned with the quality of life, believing that music has the power to transform and inspire people's lives. Our approach to music is heartfelt, and it has been wonderful to see how our performances have touched individual audience members on very personal levels. For us, each concert is unique and special; each melody engages a spontaneous dialogue between us and our audience, expressing emotions incommunicable through daily language. As musicians, to create such a communication is our duty and aspiration.
We believe in the words of J.J. Quantz, "For that which does not come from the heart will surely not reach the heart." It is with this vision that we serve our public some of the most beautiful music there is for the human spirit.

The Name

The name Le Mercure was taken from various periodicals that existed in France during the 17th and 18th centuries, in which one often found reports of important musical performances of the time. It also refers to Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. We feel ourselves as messengers who wish to transmit, through the beautiful music that we play, the messages of love and human understanding to our audience.